GreenTape™ 951 Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Material System

Serving industries ranging from consumer electronics to industrial and military electronics, the GreenTape™ 951 low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) system from Celanese provides demonstrated reliability; stable mechanical, electrical and thermal properties; and rapid prototypes while enabling a smaller package size.

The GreenTape™ 951 system comprises a complete co-fireable family of silver and gold metallizations, buried passives, and encapsulants. Available in multiple thicknesses, GreenTape™ 951 is designed for use as an insulating layer in a wide variety of applications such as multichip modules, single chip packages, ceramic printed wiring boards, and RF modules.

Features include:
  • Component integration – buried resistors, capacitors, and inductors
  • Integral shielding/ground
  • Flip chip, chip & wire, solder attach
  • Mixed analog, RF, digital
  • Hermetic packaging with low temperature (<500°C) brazing performance
  • High density interconnections
  • Co-fire processing and re-fire stability
Benefits of GreenTape™ 951:
  • Demonstrated reliability
  • Smaller package size
  • Stable in harsh environments
  • Controlled impedance structures
  • Thermal management
  • Lower total system cost
  • High volume manufacturing
  • Compatible with plating
  • Stable mechanical, electrical and thermal properties

The GreenTape™ 951 family of products includes gold and silver systems. Tapes are available in several thicknesses, can be configured for cavities and cutouts, and feature controlled shrinkage. As with its other material solutions, Celanese offers comprehensive prototyping, high frequency design, and support.


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