Beautiful outside. Brilliant inside.

DuPont In-Mold Electronic Technology

Beautiful when you see it. Brilliant when you see it work.

Meet the perfect union of form and function. One that combines an innovative, more stretchable material with dramatic advancements in electronic ink to give interface designers new creative freedom, without any compromise in meeting functional switching needs. And because these new electronic inks work with existing in-mold decorative processes, there’s no need for costly re-tooling. Now you can create products with greater eye appeal, simplicity, and performance—all at the same time.

Features and Benefits

More than 70% lighter
Buttons and wires account for most of the weight in conventional switches. Our In-Mold Electronic Technology eliminates them both.

Up to 30% less cost
With fewer parts and manufacturing steps, In-Mold Electronic Technology makes production simpler and more efficient than even before.

Part assembly time cut by 40%
Assembly is a single-connection, “snap-on” process, significantly reducing assembly time while increasing reliability and enhancing ease of service.

New design freedom
Your ideas are no longer constrained by the need to conform to bulky circuitry. Capacitive LED switches can now be arrayed anywhere, in virtually any shape.

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Electronics

Functional Ink Systems for In Mold Electronics

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