LS Series Laser Structurable Pastes Enable Ultra Fine Line Metallization Patterning

DuPont LS Series laser structurable metallization pastes provide enhanced fine line capabilities, improved interconnection properties, more circuit design flexibility, and increased production yield for high density circuitry on ceramic substrates.

Today, hybrid circuit manufacturers require increasing interconnect density to accommodate high I/O microprocessors.  To accomplish this, higher resolution metallization is necessary, sometimes exceeding the limits of conventional screen printing technology.

To exceed the limits of conventional screen printing, DuPont has developed a series of metal pastes that enable conductor widths down to a pitch of below 100µm on ceramic substrates.

The DuPont LS Series conductors include a wire bondable gold for bonding pads, a silver palladium conductor, and a silver conductor.  All are laser ablatable and compatible in overlapping configurations. Laser-structured gold metallizations feature very flat bond pads, a major benefit for wire bonding.


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