Screen Printed Resistive Materials for Electronics

DuPont offers a wide array of complete sets of resistive materials for electronics, covering a broad application spectrum.

These products are designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost, enabling more cost-effective manufacturing processes such as 30 or 60 minute firing profiles, post-process stability and minimum temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) shifts, leading to superior field reliability.

Resistor families from DuPont for alumina substrates offer:
  • Broad conductor compatibility (silver, gold and alloys)
  • Superior long-term/post trim stability
  • Minimal TCR shifts
Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resistors from DuPont for printed heaters on polymer substrates (PET, PI, PEN, etc.) offer:
  • Suitability for self-limiting resistive heater generation
  • Temperature self-limitation behavior for heater element centered at 70°C

Excellent compatibility with both silver-based polymer thick film conductors and double-sided adhesive tapes


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