Stretchable electronic inks made by Celanese are compatible with clothing manufacturing processes

Making Smart Clothing Easier to Design, Manufacture, Wash and Wear

Celanese offers a complete suite of functional, stretchable electronic ink materials for smart clothing and other wearable electronics.

Celanese stretchable electronic inks provide an elegant, manufacturing-ready alternative to previous methods of embedding electronics in clothing.  The end result is a thin, form-fitting circuit that can be seamlessly fused with standard fabrics, allowing for unprecedented comfort and freedom in wearable electronics design.

Celanese stretchable inks for wearable electronics are designed to deliver stable performance despite repeated elongation.  Smart clothing enabled by Celanese inks is washable and durable – it can withstand up to 100 wash cycles.  These materials can be used in common manufacturing processes to manufacture smart clothing without significant investment.


Intexar™ is revolutionary smart clothing technology.

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