Thick Film Resistor Materials for Hybrid Applications

The wide range of thick film resistor materials from DuPont for use in hybrid applications gives application designers the reliability and performance they need. The blendable series of materials offers targeted resistance values in all applications.

Offering improved temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) control, a wide process window, and minimum and controlled termination effects, thick film resistor materials for use in hybrid applications from DuPont provide excellent environmental stability.

Based on a deep knowledge of the complex chemical, physical and electrical interactions between constituents of a thick film resistor and multilayer dielectrics, each series is blendable by decade for precise and targeted resistance values. The wide processing range allows for wide firing ranges for a variety of resistor sizes. Thick film resistor materials by DuPont provide excellent performance in green strength, laser trim speed and stability, electrostatic discharge and power handling. 

DuPont resistor materials demonstrate the excellent plated adhesion demanded for chip resistor applications. For network applications, the DuPont suite of materials offers the required high levels of solderability and superior adhesion performance.  

Conductors for resistor termination

In addition, DuPont has a broad offering of conductors for resistor terminations, including polymeric conductors for lower temperature applications and substrates.

Additional benefits include low noise characteristics (rated up to five times better than those of conventional systems), improved post-laser trim stability (improved by a factor of three), and outstanding durability at high temperatures.


Product Information

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