Material Handling


Innovative solutions to meet the demands of automation and improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. 

With the explosion of e-commerce and greater demand for automation, the design of material handling systems—including food conveyors—has never been so important. Our solutions and services enable you to transform conveyor belts, chains, wheels, drive gears, and robotic components in ways that boost productivity and efficiency while keeping costs down. 


Maximize manufacturing yield

Celanese can hypercharge your operation with high-performance engineering solutions like Hytrel®, Zytel®, and Crastin®. Designed to balance high stiffness and strength with lighter weight, these materials enable our industrial customers to maximize their manufacturing yield.

Sustainable solutions

Our proven portfolio of engineering plastics includes polymers with renewable content while offering the same excellent mechanical properties, high-flex fatigue resistance, and food contact compliance.


Case studies & related content

Explore how our materials help innovate high-performance components for material handling applications.


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