Food conveyors


Move, prepare, and cook food on conveyors made with materials that allow more design flexibility.

Celanese Engineered Materials for food conveyors are ultra-versatile. They transport items horizontally, up inclines, and around corners, have the capacity to handle wet and dry food, and are durable in hot and cold environments. Plus, they’re resistant to sanitizing chemicals, temperature, flammability, and abrasion—and meet global standards for food safety.


Expertise in food handling

In addition to high-performing materials, our portfolio and team provide expertise in designing food conveyor components, including:

  • Plastic modular belts that can be configured to suit a wide range of products
  • Wear strips, bumpers, and rods that provide toughness, wear resistance, and weld line strength, as well as good high-flex fatigue with low-moisture pick-up
  • Nylon for cook-in-bag products
  • Gears with high tensile strength

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