Improving the world through the power of chemistry

We are uniquely positioned to improve the world through the power of chemistry. As we embrace this opportunity, we demonstrate our deep sense of responsibility to keep people safe and help to protect our planet. Using chemistry to accelerate innovative solutions—this is what sustainability means at Celanese.


Sustainability Is A Journey

In our journey to innovate for a sustainable future, we are helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems through chemistry and engineering. Learn more about our progress as we look to the future with our strategic sustainability framework, Elements of Opportunity.


A message from

Our Chairman, CEO & President

“The excitement of our people, pride in our work, and enthusiasm for our culture enable our innovation solutions that can meet the world’s sustainability challenges.”

Lori J. Ryerkerk


Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Report reflects a great deal of passion and energy across our enterprise. The report captures our accelerated progress as we deliver more innovation to help improvethe world and everyday life.

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Need a lifecycle assessment?

One of the most rewarding things we do is help customers with product lifecycle assessments. When our researchers analyze the environmental aspects associated with a product over its lifetime, they identify opportunities to modify materials, processes, and designs for optimum use while also minimizing GWP.


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Solving market-specific challenges through innovation

Proof of our commitment to sustainability lies in our products


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Get an in-depth look at how our products are currently at work helping customers meet and exceed their sustainability and performance goals.


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