Creating solutions to enhance reliability and transmission speed in 5G

Metallization for ceramic filters at 5G sub-6GHz base stations; Ag conductive paste & GreenTape™ to form Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics(LTCC) for RF components, substrates & Antenna in Package for RF Front End Modules at 5G mmWave small cells/ peripherals.


Key Applications:


Radio Frequency Components

High-frequency transmitter/ receiver modules

Radio Frequency Components

Micromax™ LTCC GreenTape™ system delivers ultra-low dissipation factor under various frequency ranges with high reliability, enabling a high degree of design freedom for radio frequency components achieving miniaturization and lower the insertion loss, e.g., mmWave band pass filters, substrate integrated waveguide.

Antenna in Packaging

Micromax™ LTCC GreenTape™ system has distinct advantages of excellent thermal stability and high thermal conductivity with extremely low insertion loss. This has opened the door for IC designers to developing new AiP substrates with smaller size and low signal loss.


Collateral Highlights


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